Happy Nursing Informatics Day

This week is National nurse’s week from May 6-12.  May 12 is Ms. Florence Nightingale’s  birthday. It’d been 102 years since her death, but her spirit still lives among us.  Without Florence, the nursing profession will be non-existent. We thank you Florence for your vision on the art and science of nursing care.

May 12 is also Nursing Informatics Day. I’d like to take this time to thank all of the nurse informaticists  and the pioneers of nursing informatics.  Thank you for your contribution on the nursing specialty of informatics. Without your work, the nursing informatics community will not exist. I’d like to say the some of the  nursing pioneers  mentioned below were once my professors at the University of Maryland and some were authors whose research or books I read while I was in school.

Nursing informatics pioneers (in no particular order):

Dr. Patrica Abbott

Dr. Ida Androwich

Dr. Jean Arnold

Dr. Suzanne Bakkem

Dr. Marion Ball

Dr. Patty Brennan

Dr. Patricia Button

Dr. Betty Chang

Dr. Connie Delaney

Dr. Carole Gassert

Dr. Susan Grobe

Dr. Rosemary Kennedy

Dr. Debra Konicek

Dr. Norma Lang

Karen Martin

Susan Matney

Dr. Kathleen McCormick

Judy Murphy

Dr. Susan Newbold

Dr. Judy Ozbolt

Dr. Carol Romano

Dr. Virginia Saba

Dr. Patricia Schwirian

Dr. Joyce Sensmeier

Roy Simpson

Dr. Diane Skiba

Dr. Nancy Staggers

Dr. Linda Thede

Dr. James Turley

Dr. Judith Warren

Dr. Charlotte Weaver

Dr. Elizabeth Weiner

Dr. Rita Zielstorff

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