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55 Tips to Instantly Make Your Brain Stronger and Faster

You know how important it is to boost your brain power. Increasingly, the world requires more smarts. If you can think fast, think well and remember things, you have an edge, whether it’s in the job market or just staying … Continue reading

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Top 50 Health Informatics Blogs

If you are involved in health informatics, it can help to read various blogs on the subject. Health informatics combines a number of disciplines, including medical science, health care, information science and computer science. The idea is to combine technology … Continue reading

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25 Open Source Software Projects that Are Changing Healthcare

From pandemics to bioterrorism and from imaging to medical records and communication, open source software is changing the face of healthcare. These developments are important to developing countries, especially, during crisis or by improving communication within rural areas. The list … Continue reading

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