Engaging, Transforming, and Empowering Nurses

I attended a nursing conference this past weekend called “Engaging, Transforming, and Empowering Nurses through Clinical Practice, Education, Research and Information Technology.  I wrote about the conference last week and I attended. I am glad I was able to attend and learned a lot!  There was a lot of information and I will outline the conference in another blog post. I wanted to highlight one of the speakers, Tatiana Arreglado,  since she is a nurse informaticist from Mount Sinai.

 In Tatiana’s  presentation, she spoke about patient centered care and the interdisciplinary team, how the electronic medical record practices safe medicine with legible handwriting and clinicians being able to view patient’s chart from the doctor’s office to the hospital.  Clinicians can also view the patient’s record in another state if that facility has the same medical software.   In addition, Ms. Arreglado spoke about Accountable Care Organizations (ACO).  Accountable care organizations are an interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers and hospitals that coordinate care, avoid duplication of services. cost effective and better quality of care. ACO’s  offer a new approach to healthcare delivery and are designed to provide consistently high-quality care to a specific population of patients while controlling costs.  ACO are a result of the new healthcare law:  the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

This is the first time I have heard of Accountable Care Organizations and would like to research it more.  I’d like to leave you a video on the Future of Healthcare by Barry Bittman that explains the true reality.

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