25 Notable Start-ups Changing the Medical Information Industry

Information technology is a growing field in the medical sector. Many new jobs are being created by emerging companies like the ones mentioned in this list. From visual and imaging information to health care IT and new products and services, new opportunities are available for individuals who specializes in health informatics, as well as to investors. These 25 notable start ups are changing the medical information industry. All companies listed below are privately owned. Some Web sites also offer information for employment. This list is categorized and each link is listed in alphabetical order, leading to the company Web site.

Healthcare IT

  1. COMS InteractiveCOMS Interactive, LLC: This company has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) disease management system that improves the quality of care that residents receive in long-term care facilities, while driving increased occupancy and revenue.
  2. CoverMyMedsCoverMyMeds helps physicians and pharmacists complete Prior Authorization and other insurance coverage determination forms for any drug and for most drug health plans. Patient authorization is required to use the site.
  3. DOMA TechnologiesDOMA Technologies: This is viagra online a privately owned Virginia Limited Liability Corporation founded in 2000, which provides Software as a Service (SaaS) document management applications and services aimed across multiple vertical markets. DOMA is involved in helping hospitals, physician practices and other health care providers turn paper records into digital files for easy access, routing and retrieval.
  4. ExplorysExplorys: This company enables leading healthcare and life sciences organizations to expand research within their ranks by providing a powerful, accessible, and intuitive platform to collaborate, search, and tag meaningful correlations between treatments and outcomes within patient populations.
  5. Glide HealthGlide Health: This company produces a complete mobile desktop for patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals. They are automatically synched with doctor’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms and makes possible compatible and secure exchange of patient records among different systems.
  6. Human ArcHuman Arc: The focus of this company is on reimbursement recovery for healthcare providers, revenue enhancements for health plans, and health care coverage cost savings for employers.
  7. Lexi-CompLexi-Comp: Since 1978, Lexi-Comp has evolved its content base and technology solutions to provide clinically relevant, real-time information at the point-of-care in knowledge areas that include pharmacology, interactions, diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests, pharmacogenomics, poisoning and viagra online toxicology, dentistry, infectious diseases, and patient education.
  8. MDG MedicalMDG Medical: MDG has developed the ServeRx automated medication management system for reducing medication errors, enhancing nursing and pharmacy productivity, and lowering health care costs.
  9. NextBioNextBio: This company provides a platform that enables life science researchers to search, discover, and share knowledge locked within public and proprietary data. In effect, this product allows senior R&D management to increase research productivity, while decreasing research costs, by better utilizing publicly available experimental data and unlocking the value of past, current, and future internally-generated data.
  10. StreamlineMDStreamlineMD: StreamlineMD delivers an affordable, reliable Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution to small and midsized physician practices. This is the first EMR solution to combine software, local training and support, and remote hosting into a subscription-based service. StreamlineMD is the highest-rated EMR system in the marketplace for small practices, according to the leading industry consultant, AC Group.
  11. TalystTalyst: This company produces a software platform that integrates pharmacy barcoding, storage, inventory, ordering and clinical systems. They are dedicated to improving patient safety and operational efficiency in acute care hospitals and in long-term care, as well as in closed-door, correctional, and retail pharmacies.

Communication and Imaging Technology

  1. Covia LabsCovia Labs: After acquiring its core technology from DARTdevices, Covia developed solutions for the Alert & Respond and Command & Control markets and added a Push-to-Talk application, so that first responders and military personnel can improve operational capabilities and save lives.
  2. Interventional ImagingInterventional Imaging: This company’s disposable catheters can generate high-resolution, cross-sectional images of the arteries. This new proprietary technology includes micro-coils that can be inserted directly into a vessel to communicate with the MR system, representing a novel approach to MR imaging from within the body.
  3. NextSlide ImagingNextSlide Imaging: NextSlide has developed a digital imaging tool set for laboratory hematology that enables users to review smears via a full-resolution digital image rather than traditional microscopy. Not yet approved by the FDA for clinical use.
  4. nVisonViso: Although this tool was created for marketing purposes, the vision of how to use it in the medical information field could be limitless. The product is a Web-enabled software that subjectively measures emotions through facial expressions, along with the ability to adapt to cultural differences.
  5. VHoldrTwenty20: This company produces ContourHD, the world’s first and smallest wearable video camera. While the Web site focuses on sports, this type of information technology seems ideal for the medical field, especially surgical procedures.
  6. VasoLuxVasoLux: VasoLux’s technology provides a real-time histological assessment of the tissue without the need to take a biopsy. Additionally, VasoLux’s technology is designed to be used intra-operatively — a feature not possible with competing molecular imaging technologies such as MRI, SPECT, and PET.
  7. ViewRayViewRay: ViewRay, Inc., a privately held medical device company, has earned a 2010 NorTech Innovation Award for its advancements in radiation therapy technology for the treatment of cancer. ViewRay was honored for its unique combination of medical imaging and radiotherapy, which is designed to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments.
  8. VSeeVSee: When you find a product that has been field-hardened to work well over wireless tactical networks in the Mideast and Africa, you might be interested in its use in a medical environment. VSee is designed for ad-hoc informal remote buy viagra work — the constant micro collaborations that get things done.
  9. Zin MedicalZin Medical: This company has partnered vMetrics with NASA and the Cleveland Clinic, providing a fully configurable, multi-parameter wireless biometric monitoring platform technology. The modular distributed architecture allows vMetrics to be used across any commercially available wireless network including WiFi, cell phone and wireless medical telemetry systems.

Patient Care

  1. eMedical LendingeMedical Lending: This is a new method of financing that connects patients with a network of lenders through eMedical’s relationships with medical practices and their proprietary direct to consumer web-based levitra taken with viagra application. While this business is listed under patient help, eMedical also works with health care providers.
  2. GlobeFunderGlobefunder Ventures Inc.: This private revenue cycle solutions and tech company offers a web-based platform, IOU SOS, http://cialisgeneric-treated.com/ that helps patients find a way to save money on medical bills. It works much line Priceline or eBay, by helping providers speed small balance collections and by providing clients with motivation to pay.
  3. Healthy HumansHealthy Humans: Healthy Humans helps people with chronic illnesses by focusing on the underlying causes of illness based on real research and real results. Patients receive medical plans, and the patient can track his her or improvements through an integrative approach to treatment. Healthy Humans received the 2009 Life Sciences Startup Company of the Year award from the Eastern Technology Council.
  4. KEASKEAS: Keas Care Plans are designed to help shed some light on a specific health and wellness issues, but the information comes in all shapes and sizes. By working with medical professionals and other health experts, KEAS adds new plans all the time to help people cope with a variety of health issues.
  5. Treatment OnlineTreatment Online: This service uses the familiarity and anonymity of the Internet to provide programs for people who are stigmatized about seeking help for behavioral problems. It combines a rich choice of self-help resources with psychological support, evaluation, and information within a safe and secure environment.
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