Top 10 Portals From The Center For Disease Control

If you are looking for reliable information about healthcare issues, visit the Center for Disease Control online. offers a number of resources and information that can help you stay updated in the world of disease, health education, and healthy living. Learn about common myths, read about the latest advancements in medicine and track disease outbreaks. offers a variety of useful information. While there are thousands of web pages on the CDC site, some are especially helpful and user-friendly. Here are 10 resources that are especially helpful in terms of the issues that affect your every day health:

  1. Diseases and ConditionsDiseases & Conditions: You expect the Center for Disease Control to have information on a number of different diseases and conditions — and you’re right. This page provides links to reliable information about a number of diseases and conditions, including commonly known conditions like ADHD and lesser-known diseases like tuberculosis. It’s easy to jump to different diseases, searching by keyword, or using the handy index letters. Find out about symptoms, causes, treatments and more about different conditions. You can also find information about diseases of current concern, and links to latest disease news, scholarly information and journals.

  2. Emergency Preparedness and Response:emergency You never know when disaster will strike. As a result, it is a good idea to have a plan in place, and know how to respond to different situations. offers helpful information related to bioterrorism, mass casualty events, severe weather disasters, disease outbreaks and other emergencies. Different sections help you connect to information you need in order to be ready for the unexpected. Learn what you should do, and find out how you can cope with disaster. Also provides information and updates on recent catastrophes. Use this handy guide to prepare your family for nearly any emergency, and to educate yourself of what to expect so that you are ready when the unthinkable happens.

  3. Environmental Health

  4. Environmental Health: Concerned about the environment, and the environmental issues your family is exposed to? You can get a great deal of helpful information from this resource on environmental factors and their influences on you and your loved ones. Some of the issues covered include air quality, rodent problems, carbon monoxide, mold, extreme weather, toxic chemicals and water purity. You can find toxic substance guides and read toxicological profiles, as well as get information on the effects air pollution, hygiene and climate change. Learn about what to do in the presence of hazardous substances, and how you can minimize your exposure to dangerous environmental conditions and problems.

  5. Women’s Health:Women's Health Women have specific health needs that are addressed by the Center for Disease Control. The section on women’s health is extremely helpful, providing healthy living tips, information on diseases and conditions that are more likely to affect offering information about pregnancy. Includes links to studies and breaking news on health and medicine. Also find information and news on women’s health events, like National Women’s Health Week. You can also fine links to podcasts, videos and other multimedia that illustrate different points and offer interesting insights and resources that can help you get into living a healthy, fulfilling life — no matter your age.

  6. Men’s Health:Men's Health Discover specific diseases that are concerning to men (such as testicular cancer). This section covers some interesting points on health issues likely to affect men. This includes information on leading causes of death, concerns about alcohol abuse and smoking, and healthy living tips. You can also find links to other subjects of interest, including the government’s flu site. Take a quiz testing your knowledge of healthy living topics. Then use the correct answers to help you make the changes that you might need in order to live healthier.

  7. Parent Portal:Parenting One of the most helpful sections to parents, Parent Portal offers helpful information about raising a healthy family. Learn about emotional health and physical health during child development. Discover the different development processes that children experience at different stages, and how you can be an effective parent during these important times. Access reliable advice on what you can do to encourage healthy habits in your children as they grow and develop. This is an indispensable resource for anyone, parent or other relative, who is involved in raising children, no matter their age or stage of development.

  8. Healthy Aging:Healthy Aging Learn how to age with grace when you take advantage of this resource on aging. Includes healthy living tips and a number of links to studies and other information on aging. Focuses on preventing some conditions and problems. Meant for senior citizens, and those who care for them, this portal offers a great deal of interesting information on a variety of subjects, including caregiving, health disparities, end-of-life preparedness, and emergency preparedness. Also includes information on common ailments that affect senior citizens, including arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Get healthy aging tips, and learn about the issues related to falls. Also includes interactive data on health indicators.

  9. Travelers’ Health:Travel Health Do you like to travel? The Center for Disease Control provides a helpful primer on how you can keep yourself healthy when you travel. Find out about diseases that you might encounter when you travel, and get the lowdown on which vaccinations you might need before you travel. You should also read the sections on illness and injury when you are out of the country. Includes tips for health and safety. You should pay special attention to travel alerts and warnings related to certain areas of the globe. Some trouble spots should avoided, and you can see which are of concern. Of special interest to many is the up-to-date information on travel to Haiti, for those interested in participating in missions to help out.

  10. Injury, Violence & Safety: Learn about how you can prevent accident and injury in a number of situations. This portal leads to a vast amount of helpful information on brain injuries, choking, water safety, workplace safety, child abuse and elder abuse. There are a number of helpful tips on what you can do in situations in which injury is likely, and steps you can take to minimize the danger on playgrounds, in the water, in vehicles and in a number of other situations. Also addresses family violence and abusive situations, and how you can avoid them, and what you can do if you or someone you know in an abusive situation. This portal also has a section on mental health and suicide, addressing concerns related to depression and anxiety.

  11. Healthy Living: If you have questions about your health, wellness and other issues, you can use this portal to find useful and reliable information about various aspects of health. You can also learn more about insurance, and properly protecting yourself. This includes sections on different parts of the body, as well as addressing issues such as dental health, reproductive and sexual health, sleep disorders, vaccination, mental health, nutrition and substance abuse. You can read recommendations for staying healthy, including tips for maintaining a healthy weight, and methods of reducing your chances of stroke, cancer, diabetes and STDs. Search by topic, and learn about what you can do to remain healthy at each stage of your life. An excellent resource for just about anything you need to keep healthy.

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