Countdown to Go-Live: 51 Days

As the weeks progress, the project team’s days are getting longer as we only have 51 more days until go-live.  This week the project team presented the workflow walkthrough to the many end users that came. It was a packed auditorium as the project team demonstrated the workflow from an ambulatory encounter to admission as an inpatient.  The fictional patient wasn’t feeling well and had a cough so she called her primary care physician.  The physician instructed her to go to the emergency department and from there the patient was admitted to a medical floor, only to realize she needed to have surgery. 

The scenarios in the workflow walkthrough showed the integration of the system.  From the emergency room to the operating room to the intensive care unit to the surgical floor to the patient being dishcharged.  There were muliple roles being played by the project team from ADT clerk to anesthesiologist.

The end users were able to see how the computer system is integrated throughout the hospital system.  Overall, the project team did well in capturing the different workflows, although there were snafus along the way.  Everyone did a great job playing their appropriate roles.

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