Countdown: 177 Days Til Go-Live

177 days until my institution’s go-live with the new electronic medical record, which is 6 months away! I feel the anticipation, excitement, and nervousness from everyone involved. 

This has been the most stressful week I have ever experienced. So many to do, so little time. This week was the first week of Clinical Practice Model (CPM) Care Planning sessions. Overall, it went well and was attended my various disciplines including nursing, therapists – physical, occupational speech-language, nutrition, social work, nursing administration and management.  The end users shared they are feeling much better even though they have not seen the entire electronic medical record (EMR).  Our end users are so visual and detail oriented that the big picture is too overwhelming for them.  In addition, they feel they are only seeing certain parts of the EMR and would like to see the activities pertinent to them. A social worker commented that we are only showing them the nurse workflow and not others and was curious to see how the screens looked for other disciplines.

In addition to the care planning sessions, my own work that I am responsible for had to be done. Whether its email  follow-up’s, visios, writing testing scripts, or actual build work. Next week starts integrated testing so there are items on my list that stills needs to be done.

The next item on the CPM agenda is planning the Patient Education webinar. There are items that need to be hashed before I can show the activity on the EMR to the end users. All in all, I think I need more time in the day to do all of the things that needs to get done and the things that I actually want to do. I am getting stressed just thinking about the items on my to-do list.

I think from now until go-live we will be incredibly busy. Everyone is already working more than 50 hours a week.  I wished we had more than 24 hours in a day.

If you are considering accepting a position as a systems analyst, each hospital has varying responsibilities for this title.  Before accepting a position, please read the job description first. My job description may be a little different from what your hospital indicates a system analyst will do.

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