Countdown: 128 Days Until Go-Live

We only have 128 more days until we turn on the new computer system. The days are speeding by. In fact, the entire year is moving fast. It’s getting stressful. We are almost in the 90 day milestone before go-live. Before we go-live with the inpatient computer system, we have a huge ambulatory center that will be going live first. In fact, this ambulatory facility will be going live in a few weeks and every team member will need to help out. We are already helping out by backloading clinical data into the system from their paper forms so they can be ready to see patients. It’s an exciting time to be a part of another go-live in our institution. I always learn something new and apply it to other situtations. I mentioned in my last countdown post that we began the Clinical Practice Model (CPM) Patient Education sessions. This past week I finished teaching the patient education sessions and am very happy with the results. I felt the clinicians are interested in learning and want to learn the software now. I know the clinicians are anxious to get started and prepare how the buy cialis new system will impact their workflow. The last summer Clinical Practice Model (CPM) series is the shift report. We are still working on the logistics of this cheap viagra and would like the clinicians to own it and to lead their peers. There is a Clinical Champions liason from the Operations side that will help train the clinical champions and help prepare them so they can intelligently speak about the shift report to their peers. August will be a very busy month with the biggest ambulatory center go-live, CPM education pharmacy online on shift report, and 90 day go-live milestone. In addition, there are clinical documentation deadlines due in the second week of August. I am not sure future of pharmacy in canada how we will accomplish all of this but I am taking it one day at a time in order to keep my sanity.

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