25 Free & Freemium Web Apps to Track Your Body’s Statistics

Information about our bodies and our health is important, helping us make better decisions for improved health. The field of health informatics is using technology to provide information about our bodies, and meaningful ways to use that information for health. You don’t have to be involved in health informatics as your career to learn about your body’s statistics, though. There are plenty of free and freemium web apps available to help you keep tabs on your own health. Here are 25 apps that can provide you with insight to your body’s statistics:


Keep track of your fitness level, exercise regimens and more when you use these great web apps.

  1. Graffed: Keep track of your body’s shape and measurements with Graffed. This cool app allows you to keep track of how your body shape is changing, depending on your fitness, and how you build muscle. It shows an image of your progress. You can get better tracking for a small monthly fee.
  2. DailyBurn: Learn about how you can achieve better fitness. A helpful app that helps you keep track of what you eat, and of your workouts. A great way to get into shape, tracking your progress.
  3. MapMyRun: Where has your body been lately? This web app helps you keep track of your daily online cialis fitness run, including miles traveled and pace. A great way to reach fitness goals.
  4. iStats: Keep up with your health stats with the help of this web app. Allows you to review your workouts, track your progress toward meeting your goals, and enter in reps, weight, time and more.
  5. FitLink: Track your body mass index, keep track of other health statistics and train along with “friends” that you find canadian pharmacy online in the community. A great fitness web app.
  6. Daily Mile: Keep track of your fitness workouts and body stats. Share what you have done, and keep track of pace and other information about your running regimen.
  7. Favorite Run: Another great way to map running routes and keep track of your body’s stats related to running, endurance and more.
  8. Gmaps Pedometer: A look site that allows you to figure out how many steps you are taking, and keep track of other interesting body stats related to fitness. Includes a way for you to make different routes, and even count calories.

Weight Loss

Control your weight by keeping track of your measurements, nutrition and other information. Track your progress.

  1. Traineo: This weight loss community and app allows you to put together a program that helps you track your weight loss efforts. Includes information that can help you track daily net energy, and reach your weight loss goals.
  2. Project Weight Loss: A fun way to get a handle on weight loss. You can join to help keep track of what you have been eating, and track your progress, including your measurements and other body stats. Includes additional features for paying members.
  3. PEERtrainer: This app provides you a way to track changes to weight and fitness. You also connect to others who can provide encouragement and help as you work to reach your goals. Keep track of your statistics and your progress, and make new friends.
  4. BodyDaemon: Keep track of your body’s statistics with help from BodyDaemon. Include information that is helping you with your goals. Include information on body mass index, calories consumed and burned, and your weight.
  5. Run Fat Boy Run: This app takes your body statistics and helps develop a reasonable weight loss plan for you. A great way to generate a workout, and then track your body statistics, especially weight, and the progress you make.
  6. Skinnyr: Track your weight and other measurements with this great web app. You can see your progress in graph form without too much trouble. Includes a way to obscure your current weight if you choose to include your progress on your web site.
  7. SparkPeople: Reach your weight loss goals, and track your body’s statistics. Track nutrition, calories, energy and more using this great web app.
  8. Calories Per Hour: Keep track of consumed calories, and track how many calories you are burning. Uses your body’s stats to track your progress to create a weight loss plan. Then you can track your progress toward that goal.
  9. Portion Distortion!: Keep track of what you are eating. A great way to see if you are eating too much for your body. Keep track of what you are putting into your body, and see how it is affecting you. Make the changes you lifecheck pharmacy need to in order to avoid the weight gain that comes with portion distortion.


You can even monitor your vitals and keep track of other information with help from web apps. Some great applications to help you keep on top of what’s going on with your body.

  1. CalcNexus: Keep track of your health and different body statistics with the help of an array of calculators. These web based calculators include heart rate, BMI, metabolism, calories burned and pregnancy.
  2. 3D Pregnancy: Keep track of your pregnancy — in 3D — with help from this cool web app. See progress and compare it to your own.
  3. SiDiary: Keep track of your insulin and other information related to type 2 diabetes. SiDiary helps you track body stats related to daily data. Free version, as well as paid version with added features.
  4. My Mood Monitor: Use this to determine whether or not you might have depression. A good way to http://viagra-genericon-online.com/ screen your mood, and monitor your feelings.
  5. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) Test: Use this to track your attention, and to determine whether or not you could have an attention disorder.
  6. Chemotherapy Tracker 5.0: If you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, you can use this handy software to keep track of your treatment’s effectiveness, and your experiences, including drug effectiveness and your reactions.
  7. Heart Pal: Monitor your blood pressure, and export data. A great way to use the web or your smart phone to keep track of your blood pressure and your pulse.
  8. Blood Pressure Tracker: This handy web tool from the American Heart Association is a great way to keep track of your blood pressure. It’s even printable, and you can bring it with you. A great way to stay informed about trends in your blood pressure.
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