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Welcome New Blogger, Anna Fernando!

Happy Tuesday all! Just wanted to make a quick and exciting announcement that beginning this week, Anna Fernando will be blogging for! You can find out more about Anna by checking out her bio to the left here. She’ll … Continue reading

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HealthTechTopia Changes Name To MastersInHealthInformatics Blog

Going forward HealthTechTopia will be referred to as MastersInHealthInformatics Blog, a name that better aligns with the website overall . Masters In Health, besides getting a new name for the blog, will also be getting an upgrade in the … Continue reading

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15 Intriguing Facts About the History of Informatics

One of the most interesting healthcare careers right now involves jobs in healthcare informatics. As technology advances, it is being used in medical settings. The intersection of technology and healthcare is called informatics. There is a great deal of data … Continue reading

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10 Surprising Healthcare Infographics

Information about your health can be complex. Health informatics is a field that utilizes technology to organize healthcare data, allowing important information to be shared globally. Not unlike the practice of health informatics, the healthcare infographics featured below depict factual … Continue reading

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25 Best Blogs on Biomedicine

Biomedicine is a branch of science that combines biology with health and often involves understanding how the body and science works to create resulting solutions to complex problems. This can be used on everything from using food as medicine to … Continue reading

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33 Essential Tips to Take Control of Your Medical Records

Technology has made information more available than ever before. Indeed, health informatics is a field that focuses on using technology to improve our quality of health care. Information really is power, and with the availability of information on all manner … Continue reading

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25 Free & Freemium Web Apps to Track Your Body’s Statistics

Information about our bodies and our health is important, helping us make better decisions for improved health. The field of health informatics is using technology to provide information about our bodies, and meaningful ways to use that information for health. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Portals From The Center For Disease Control

If you are looking for reliable information about healthcare issues, visit the Center for Disease Control online. offers a number of resources and information that can help you stay updated in the world of disease, health education, and healthy … Continue reading

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Top 50 Nanotech & Biomaterial Blogs

Technology is providing interesting opportunities to advance our knowledge of science and improve our lives. Indeed, technology is shrinking down to the nanoscale, putting objects and devices at up to one billionth of a meter in size. That is amazing, … Continue reading

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55 Tips to Instantly Make Your Brain Stronger and Faster

You know how important it is to boost your brain power. Increasingly, the world requires more smarts. If you can think fast, think well and remember things, you have an edge, whether it’s in the job market or just staying … Continue reading

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