Top 50 Nanotech & Biomaterial Blogs

Technology is providing interesting opportunities to advance our knowledge of science and improve our lives. Indeed, technology is shrinking down to the nanoscale, putting objects and devices at up to one billionth of a meter in size. That is amazing, and it means that scientists are working on projects at a scale so small that they are working with molecules and even atoms in some cases. Nanotechnology is providing the potential for a number of new discoveries and breakthroughs, including in materials. New materials are being discovered regularly, including biomaterials that have some amazing potential. Here are some of the top nanotech and biomaterial blogs around.


88271993_a423e7cf4eLearn about what is happening in the world of the smallest machines. Interesting breakthroughs and fascinating science.

  1. Soft Machines: This blog focuses on thoughts related to the future of nanotechnology, looking at where we are and where we might be going.
  2. Responsible Nanotechnology: A look at developing nanotech in a way that is more socially responsible.
  3. blog nano: Looks at what is happening in the world of nanotechnology.
  4. Next Big Future: A look at what our future could look like, with the help of nanotech.
  5. The Foresight Institute: This blog looks at explaining the transformative technology that is nanotech.
  6. Nanotechnology Today: The latest information and news related to nanotechnology and more.
  7. Nanotechnology Development Blog: Learn about how nanotech is developing and read about the latest breakthroughs.
  8. Nanotechnology Now: News and information related to nanotechnology and related developments.
  9. Nanotechnology News and Information: Just what it sounds like, this blog features the latest in news on nanotech, as well as jobs in the field.
  10. Nanotech Buzz: Get the latest news and happenings in the world of nanotechnology.
  11. Nanotechnology Law Blog: An interesting look at legal issues surrounding nanotechnology.

Quantum Computing and Mechanics

One of the most interesting and exciting applications of nanotechnology is for use with quantum computing. Learn about the advancements made in this area, and how they relate to nanotech and biomaterials. Besides, to understand things at the nanoscale, it helps to have a knowledge of quantum mechanics.

  1. Michael Nielsen: This blog looks at computer development, including quantum computing, from one of the pioneers in the field.
  2. Shtetl-Optimized: An interesting look at items related to science and the theory behind quantum computing.
  3. The Quantum Pontiff: A look at all things quantum, especially in terms of theory and research on quantum computing.
  4. in theory: Delve into the world of quantum theory, and how it can lead to interesting new possibilities.
  5. Computational Complexity: A look at computational learning, including theory about computation, and sometimes looking at quantum computing.
  6. Quantum Mechanics Demystified: Attempting to make quantum mechanics a little more understandable.

Materials Science

Learn about the science behind developing new materials and the interesting possibilities provided by these advancements.

  1. Engineering World: A look at materials science from the perspective of an engineer.
  2. OSU Materials: Learn about materials science and education from Ohio State University.
  3. Materials Science News: Updates and more from the materials science blog at Science Daily.
  4. Gold Innovations: An interesting look at how gold can be used to advance technology. Applying a material we know about for new purposes.
  5. Materials Today: Looks at the latest technology advances in the field of materials science.
  6. DMSE News and Events: This is the blog of the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Lots of news and interesting accomplishments.
  7. MRS: Fun & Newsworthy: The Materials Research Society has a fun blog related to materials and science. Some of the items take a look at science fiction, while other items look at the advancements of science.


These materials are those made from the building blocks of life. Read about some of the interesting advancements in biomaterials.

  1. Biomaterials, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: Get the latest news in biomaterials development and science.
  2. Biomaterials News Feed: Pulls in different bits of news from around the Internet about what is happening in biomaterials science. Also includes videos and old lectures.
  3. Biotech Blog: Get the latest in biotechnology news, and in what is happening with biomaterials.
  4. helpBIOTECH: Explore biotechnology and materials, and what it means for the future.
  5. Kush Tripathi’s Blog on Biomedical: Get a look at biomedicine and the materials and applications that come with the territory.
  6. Intute Blog – biomaterials: A look at different subjects related to biomaterials.
  7. The Biotech Ethics Blog: Consider the questions of ethics brought up by biotechnology and research into biomaterials.

Devices and Applications

Find out more about nanotech and biomaterials can do for a number of different fields. A look at the applications of nanotechnology and biomaterials.

  1. Medical Device Link: How new devices based on new technology can improve the filed of medicine.
  2. Nanotech – The Circuits Blog: This blog from CNET News focuses on nanotechnology used in many of our devices.
  3. Nanotechnology Made Clear: This blog focuses on the applications of nanotechnology, and how it can be used in devices and for technological advancement.
  4. Window for Devices: News and information about new gadgets and gizmos.
  5. Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and the Like: A look at the news revolving around devices and biotech, and including commentary on recent happenings.


Understanding the fundamentals of physics can be important to these new and exciting fields of science. Here are some solid physics blogs, many of which offer posts and insights into nanotech and biomaterials.

  1. Covers a number of interesting physics subjects, and features plenty of information on nanotech and biomaterials.
  2. Not Even Wrong: A physics blog that looks at many aspects of science and technology.
  3. Andrew Jaffe: Leaves on the Line: An interesting physics blog addressing different areas of physics — and life.
  4. APS Physics News Ticker: Get information on the latest physics discoveries, including new materials and nanotechnology.
  5. Resonaances: An interesting blog following the latest happenings in particle theory.
  6. Cocktail Party Physics: A fun look at physics and how the whole thing works.
  7. Uncertain Principles: Explores different principles of fundamental physics, and connects it to politics and culture.
  8. EMPG Blog: Considering mathematical physics, and the latest science discoveries.


Chemistry plays a big role in biomaterials and nanotechnology. Without a firm grasp of chemistry, it becomes difficult to create new materials and understand nanotech.

  1. Chemistry Blog: Keep with the latest chemistry news, and see interesting insights and experiments from a chemistry teacher.
  2. Useful Chemistry: Putting chemistry to good use for a number of applications in a number of fields.
  3. The Culture of Chemistry: Learn about what goes on in chemistry, and how it benefits the world.
  4. Chemistry World Blog: A look at the latest news and information, as well as breakthroughs and advancements, in chemistry.
  5. Anne Marie’s Chemistry Blog: A look at what is happening in chemistry, as well as insight into how useful chemistry can be.
  6. The Sceptical Chymist: This blog is written by the editor of Nature Chemistry, and features interesting stories about chemistry, including those on how it helps nanotech and biomaterials.
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