10 Surprising Healthcare Infographics

Information about your health can be complex. Health informatics is a field that utilizes technology to organize healthcare data, allowing important information to be shared globally. Not unlike the practice of health informatics, the healthcare infographics featured below depict factual health data in a concise manner that’s easy to understand. Information regarding prescription drugs, alcoholism, healthcare cost and other notable topics are illustrated below.

  1. What BAC Does to the Body This infographic will shock you. If you think kids aren’t drinking based on the fact that they’re kids, you’re wrong and plenty of adults are consuming more alcohol than they should at once. What does B.A.C. do to your body? It depends on how high your blood alcohol content is, but this infographic clearly illustrates how just a few drinks can lead to serious judgement impairment.
  2. Most Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs This infographic looks at the 10 most commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs, the symptoms they are prescribed for, and the amount spent on these medications in 2009.
  3. The Truth About Alcoholism Alcoholism affects 15,000,000 people. This staggering number is further illustrated in this amazing infographic that shows how alcoholism factors in to various countries. It shows how alcohol inhibits the brain and reflexes and what diseases alcohol is responsible for.
  4. The Prostate Cancer Conversation The earlier prostate cancer is diagnosed, the more doctors can do to prevent it from becoming a life threatening illness. While no one knows the exact cause of prostate cancer, this clever infographic shows how men can begin having the conversation of annual exams. It also breaks down the numbers on prostate cancer by age, race and family history.
  5. The Cost of Healthcare Worldwide How much is a life worth? This infographic shows how much is spent on healthcare per capita and what the typical life expectancy is. Medical infographics like this show that despite the more cost effective planning of foreign countries large and small, America isn’t far ahead in terms of being healthy. In fact, we’re less healthy than poverty-stricken countries like Mexico.
  6. Laser Hair Removal Some of us wish we had a lot less hair, but the idea of a laser removing your hair for good can seem like something out a sci-fi novel. This infographic shows how lasers singe away the hair, grabbing it below the root and putting a stop to hair growth. The more pigmented the hair, the better, because this allows the laser to zero in on the hair follicle and grab it for good.
  7. Disease Around the World See how quickly a disease can spread and how it can set up shop and destroy a civilization. This easy-to-read infographic follows small pox, leprosy and malaria. It also shows how small pox barrels still exist in Russia and the United States.
  8. 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Death It ain’t over ‘til it’s over and this infographic shows interesting facts and stats about death. For example, a whopping 80% of American deaths take place in hospitals (they’re patients, not visitors, so no need to tread gently).
  9. Why Your Stitches Cost $1,500 We all know healthcare costs a lot in America, but is it that much more compared to what the rest of the world pays? The short answer is yes. The disproportionate number of funding spent on administrative costs is enough to make your stomach churn.
  10. STD Statistics Worldwide This infographic may as well be plastered with the words “wrap it up!” STDs continue to spread worldwide and despite PSAs and educating the public to use protection, they are on the rise in nearly every country. The most startling fact presented in the infographic? The fact that 1 million people are diagnosed with a STD every day.

Infographics allow us to see what’s happening in the world of healthcare at a glance. They allow for complex data to be summarized and they generate awareness about common healthcare issues.

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