Countdown: 60 days until go-live

The actual 60 day mark was on Tuesday. In actuality, there is 58 days until go-live. As I write the countdown, I was getting nervous around the 90 mark. If I was nervous

back then, I am even more nervous now. With the 60 day go-live mark, activities were in order at the medical center. The 60 day Go-Live Readiness Assessment was presented to the operational team. Most of the statuses were yellow, with red being not ready, yellow meaning partially ready and green meaning ready. Training is well underway. Training for the end users started this week. Superuser training has finished. So far, the training has been uneventful. 9,000 end users need to be trained before December. There are many pre-go live activities and many changes happening within the institution. I hope the changes are for the better and

this go-live is a success. Some of the pre-go-live activities are login checks, provider workshops, and usability testing. Integrated testing is wrapping up as we prepare for our end users to test the system now. I take each day one day at at time in order to not make myself even more stressed. Everyone is hanging in and taking each day in stride.

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