Countdown: 117 Days til Go-Live

August has arrived. When I think of the word August, I think of summer, vacation, beach, relax, and fun. Not, work, overtime, or stress. So much has happened since my last countdown from July 26. The last CPM session is the professional exchange hand-off or shift report. My colleagues and I recorded a webinar for the clinicians to view. Ultimately, the clinicians own the hand-off process. I heard the sessions have gone well and a few clinicians have made recommendations. I am grateful to have the clinical champions run these sessions. I don’t know what I would do if my colleagues and I led these sessions, considering all of the other items I need to get done. In parallel, August 5 marked a go-live of Phase 1C. The institution’s cancer center went live. I am personally supporting this go-live this weekend but so far I have heard it was a success. Of course there were some hiccups on the first day but was resolved immediately. I am so happy to hear this go-live went well. In addition to the Cancer Center go-live, testing started up again last week. It’s been

crazy since some of my colleagues are supporting the cancer center and some are involved in testing. Everyone is all over the place. I am involved in the testing phase. Even though its a tedious process, we need to make sure everything works. I can’t tell you how we are almost here with the inpatient go-live. I am getting nervous. My colleagues are getting scared. Next week will be the 90 day Go-Live Readiness Assessment. Are we ready? Things are happening so fast. My head is swirling. Sometimes, I just need to stop and think about things. But there is no time. September is our content deadline and need to have our content in as soon as possible. But, I can’t get stressed out. I do take care of myself with self-care. I eat away from my desk, if possible and leave at a reasonable time. I can’t burn myself out. For those of you considering working at an institution in the implementation phase, its exciting yet frustrating at the same time. An implementation will give you experience and skills that will last a lifetime.

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