240 Days Til Go-Live

I haven’t written about the progress of my go-live in awhile. We are in Day 240/365. Progress to our software build is showing and the workflow sessions are

all finished. The deadlines are looming. The workflow sessions are replaced by the Clinical Practice Model (CPM) planning for this summer. We are going to have a CPM kick-off in two weeks where we will re-introduce CPM and demonstrate to the nurse managers how CPM can help the nurses document their nursing assessment, care plans, and patient education. In addition to the CPM work planning, a third party vendor for patient education was purchased; and unit and integrated testing is coming up next month. We need to make sure all of the integrated scripts are written by next week in order for the testing to occur. Time is coming

fast and furious. Our work is doubled and the staff is getting stressed. And the stress is showing. The niceties are gone and insults are flying. And this is just the beginning. I don’t even want to see how people are acting and treat one another in the next couple of months. I can see many of my colleagues attitudes starting to change. My hope is I can get along with my colleagues in a professional, drama-free environment.

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