Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Health Informatics

I received an email from my ANIA-CARING listserv seeking for someone to fill this postdoctoral opportunity in South Africa. I love sharing information so I thought I would post it on this blog in case one of my readers may be interested or may know someone. Postdoctoral

Research Fellowship in Health Informatics Institute for ICT Advancement, School of ICT, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa Position: An important reason for the failure of Health Information Technology (HIT) solutions is that the original design does not reflect the work practices and social relations amongst its users. This also leads to low utilization levels of ‘‘successful’’ HITs, which means that the solution is not utilized meaningfully. This has been shown to be inherent to the complex nature of the healthcare environment. This fellowship is focused on improving adoption and meaningful use of Health Information Technology (HIT) solutions, with special emphasis on Home-Based Healthcare (HBHC). Candidates with an information technology background, but strong interest / experience in health informatics are encouraged to apply. Candidates with a nursing background (or other relevant), but a strong interest

in HITs, can also apply. Research: The research will be conducted together with students in the Health Informatics research group within the School of ICT ( The postdoctoral researcher will be expected to contribute significantly to: a. The publication of research outputs from current and previous projects b. Daily supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate student projects c. Strengthening of collaboration with partners (eg healthcare providers); and d. Conducting and leading fieldwork at a local NGO (specifically in the HBHC context). Requirements: A Ph.D. Information Technology / Nursing Informatics / Medical Informatics or other relevant field, obtained within the past five years, with a strong background and/or interest in health information technologies (HITs). Applications: A covering letter and curriculum vitae, including all research outputs and experience should be sent to Prof Dalenca Pottas in electronic format at e-mail:

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