Countdown: 138 days before Go-Live

The last time I wrote about the countdown to the go-live was a few weeks ago. So much has happened in three weeks.  I’ve continued to be busy with planning the Patient Education sessions in July. In June, we finished the care planning sessions the last two weeks of June. Then everyone had a vacation to relax and rejuvenate.  Last week was our first full week back at work and things were well underway.

This week was the first week of patient education sessions. So far, it has been well received.  Getting ready for this session required so much time and effort. Getting ready for a go-live is hectic especially when we are less than six months away.  There are milestones for everything and it seems like time is moving faster now.

I noticed many of my colleagues in the other application teams are staying later and later and working weekends.  But, I know in the end it will be well worth the wait.  Even though our go-live is in December, all of our system configuration needs to be built in two months in order to test the product fully.

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