9 Free Open Courseware Classes About Statistics You Can’t Live Without

Statistics, though branch of mathematics is also applied in other subject areas too like economics, research, arts. Most of the research predictions delivered happens to be based upon data provided by a statistician. Following are some of the useful open course ware on statistics highlighting some important aspects of the subjects. Statistics for Biologists and Resource Managers This open course ware by Carl Schwarz from Simon Fraser University is for Intermediate courses in statistics covering ordinary regression, logistic regression, simple and advanced experimental design and chi-square tests. Introduction to Statistics This particular courseware provided by engineer A. Sunger and John E. Anderson at University of Minnesota at Morris includes descriptive statistics, graphical and numerical representation of information, measurement of location, dispersion, position and dependence, data analysis, probability theory, discrete and continuous probability models and inferential statistics. Psychology Statistics II Course Ware by Concordia University is an advanced study in statistical analysis at the undergraduate level offered by the psychology department. This course ware covers limitations of significance testing, effect size estimation, and analysis of variance (ANOVA) methods. This Course ware is prepared for honors students who are preparing to take admission into a graduate program in psychology or related discipline. An introduction to research and statistics Courseware by Arthur Markman at University of Texas at Austin about experimental design and statistics. Public Management Statistics This courseware offered by H. T. Reynolds from University of Delaware content wise cater to the need of the students who want an introduction to the students in applied statistics. Social Science students who wish to pursue a career in public administration or policy analysis. Collaborative Statistics This courseware written by Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean, faculty members at De Anza College in California for Statistics students in field of sampling and data is on descriptive statistics, probability topics, continuous random variables, the normal distribution and others. Moreover students other than math and engineering who has taken statistics as subject can study this courseware. Introduction to Probability and Statistics This MIT Open Course Ware is developed by Dmitry Panchenko with lecture notes, assignments recommended textbook and practice tests on an elementary introduction to probability and statistics with applications on topics like probability models, combinatorics, random variables, etc. Introduction to Probability This course ware of nearly 300 pages by Charles M Grindstead (Swarthmore College) and J Laurie Snell (Dartmouth College) is published by the American Mathematical Society for free distribution among students. The course ware for this purpose includes discrete probability distributions, continuous probability densities, combinatorics, conditional probability, etc. Mathematics and Statistics Forum This is an Open University learning forum started by Open University, where a student can ask or give answers to the questions. Any one who is member of this forum can discuss issues around

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the range and type of educational resources.

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