Countdown: 80 days til Go-Live

Time is flying. It’s mid September and anxiety is setting in. The content deadline is approaching in four days and there is still viagra a lot of work to be done. The calendar viagra online for the next couple of months are propecia after two months being previewed and sessions that every analyst need to be in are being discussed. It’s not only the build and

configuration that needs to be done but round 4 generic levitra testing is coming next week. Champions were trained this week and they have access to the system. Champions are end users and mostly are nurses who will have a positive attitude and champion the electronic medical record to their colleagues. They are more than superusers as some champions have been involved in the system build. Many analysts are working late hours and into the weekend. Some people have confided in me that they are not sure if they will be done by the deadline levitra online date. Our calendars are filling up with pre go-live events. Each day and week is becoming a blur to me. The days are moving too fast.

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