Countdown: 171 Days until Go-Live

My team finished another week of Clinical Practice Model (CPM) Care Planning sessions. I think these care planning sessions are getting better and better each week.  The attendance has been good considering how the schedule is laid out. The schedule is based on nursing specialty and you cannot expect to get a lot of attendance if nurses are caring for patients at the same time these sessions are going on.  Two more weeks of care planning and then we take a break and start another topic.

In addition, integrated testing started.  Since its the first round of testing, there has been many issues regarding the build.  To me, testing is very stressful.  I think its stressful since I don’t know the script very well or sometimes the script is not written clearly.  In addition, there are testing rules I need to remember.  I was given a short orientation on how to run the scripts, how to set up my columns etc.  Unless I am in the testing room everyday, its going to be quite a challenge to pick up speed and run through the scripts. I was getting mad at myself this past week since I was only able to run one script in the 3 1/2 hours I was in the testing room.

Besides testing, it was also the start of the Champions week.  Basically, the subject matter experts are champions and is helping out our team with the gap analysis. It feels like it is happening all at once and it is. Our days become longer and longer as we finish what we need to do in order to go-live in December.  We only have 171 days.  It seems like a lot but those days include the weekends and we don’t work on the weekends. So in reality, its shorter than 171 days.

My colleagues and I are all working very hard to get our deadlines met and trying to stay sane at the same time.  We have rules that we follow like being kind and understanding when someone has to go home to their children or have a long commute.

These countdown to go-lives are written generically because I don’t want to provide too many details of what system we are implementing and my location.

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