311 Days til Go-Live


Every other week we have workflow sessions with our end users to demonstrate the future state workflows. This week was a workflow week for us and its 311 days til go-live. For those of you who have not heard of the word “go-live,” its when the new electronic medical record (EMR) is turned on and the old one is turned off. Since the hospital levitra side effects duration I am working at already has an EMR, it has been a challenging process. Our end users are computer savvy and have been through a big bang implementation already five years ago. Some hospitals are still on paper charts and to implement a system from paper to electronic is alot easier.

So far the workflows demonstrated are admission, transfer, and discharge of a patient. In addition, other workflows demonstrated were blood administration, medication administration, ordering labs, resident sign-off, and OR to PACU (operating room to post anesthesia care unit) to name a few. The weeks that are non-workflow weeks we are preparing for the upcoming workflows weeks. How we prepare is to make sure all of the logistics are in places such as the rooms, hardware, and presentation equipment are in place. We also prepare the agenda, powerpoint presentation, and practice our demonstration. Practicing what we will say is key since we demonstrate with the computer while clomid dosage post cycle therapy we are talking to the audience. We need to maintain eye contact with our audience while showing the electronic medical record and maneuvering the mouse. In addition to all of this practicing, we actually need to design and build the system. Building the pieces of an electronic medical record is not easy. It was quite challenging and requires many hours of our time, especially when we need to troubleshoot something that is not working.

It was a good week for the project team since the clinicians liked the workflows and one of the nurse managers even commented how she was impressed with the content and the overall graphical user interface. This comment is something we are happy to hear! Our hard work is paying off.

The project team continues to be busy. I am the most happiest when I get something done off of my to-do list. I have met all of my build deadlines so far and have other deadlines looming.

For those of you who thrive on excitement, stress, and deadlines, I recommend finding a job implementing an electronic medical record. The next question may be how do I find a job implementing an electronic medical record? I suggest going to the Human Resource department at your local hospital and speaking to the hiring manager to see if there are any open positions as a systems analyst or trainer. Each hospital has different titles so its imperative to read the job description first. If this type kamagra oral jelly of job interests you and if you know someone in the field, ask them for an informational interview or if you can follow them for the day. Another recommendation is to join Linked In or other job search engines and search for either systems analysts or informaticists jobs to see what is available in your area.

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