267 Days Til Go-Live

The clock is ticking. Another workflow session week has passed. This was our 5th week of workflow sessions and one more week to go. As end users see the system more often, questions are raised and end users concerns are valid. This was a busy week as other specialty disciplines are being exposed to the application.

I can see in my colleagues eyes that they are stressed and overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t be stressed? Deadlines are looming and it’s only going to get worse as go-live draws near. So far my colleagues and I are in good spirits and still smiling.

After designing and building the system, the next phase of system analysis begins: testing. Test scripts are written and placed in a testing software system where test scripts can be accessed by everyone. Testing the system will begin in May and continue until September. Testing is a crucial part of the systems life cycle to make sure everything works the way it is supposed to. Imagine if we went live with the computer system and the most important piece of the clinician’s workflow is unavailable. What would they do? Of course the natural thinking is to document

on paper and this is what we do not want them to do.

There are still so much work to be done and working long hours in order to meet deadlines. This job is not for the faint of heart. Implementations requires individuals to be flexible and have the passion and patience for making a computer system work.

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