Countdown: 100 Days til Go-Live

We’ve reached the 100 day until go-live mark. Tomorrow, we will start counting down in two digits. We still have a lot to do as testing continues. Pilot training is scheduled for next week where the credentialed trainers present the lesson plans to the trainers and analysts. There is still a lot of content build to do as we prepare for our deadline in a few weeks. We got a surprise from our directors today. We received a meeting invite that was cryptic with no location. I had an inkling of what we were going to do. But, I did not really know what we would be doing or why we were meeting at the nearest park. I was in the testing room and the testing director announced that all inpatient team member were to meet at the park. So, we all left. Some of my colleagues did not even get the invite. I met some of them in transit and told them where we were going. It was a good thing I heard earlier in the morning what we were really doing. Apparently, I heard we were going to “play”. I thought to myself, “Are we playing because we have been working so hard?” The meeting at the park was at 2 PM but we did not know the viagra otc exact location so we waited for other team members to appear. We finally saw some of the directors and followed them inside the children’s area. The directors handed dollar

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toys. Some team members did not know what to do as if they have never played before. It was a nice break from being in the office working hard for the past several months. The weather was nice and fresh air is always good. Pictures of the team smiling were snapped. Someone made a comment that we are not really stressed yet if we are still all smiling. About eighty team members were at the park inside the children’s playground area. This is a closed off area and the park ranger asked all of us to leave since we were such a big group. I am not sure what the park ranger said or even the reason of why we need to leave. We were there for 45 pentasa canada pharmacy minutes and we all knew our “play time” is coming to an end. We all headed back to the office, refreshed from the break and the memory of the 100 day till go-live.

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