Transition from Clinical to Technology – Part II

In my previous post, I wrote about my obstacles finding a job in nursing informatics.  After I stopped thinking about finding a new job 24/7, I finally found one in New York City.  Well, it wasn’t instant but I did receive call-backs and interviews.  Too many interviews, in fact.  I accepted every phone and in-person interview.  Since this would be my first real job in informatics, I wanted to make sure I took the right job. Hence, why I accepted every interview.

I realized from this experience interviewing many times makes you a better interviewer.  It helped me to answer questions quickly and enabled me  to think about why I chose the intensive care unit and to explain that to the interviewer.  As I went on each interview, I became confident in myself and my skill set.  I wasn’t ashamed to let the interviewer know my skills and talents.

I had eight interviews but not every company offered me a job.  I did get some rejections but that didn’t stop me.  The job I was really interested in was in Georgia at a software vendor.  But somehow the job fell through.  In addition,was I really ready to move that far south?

But, there were more jobs to choose from in New York City.    So out of all of the job choices I had, I chose to work at a New York State facility and accepted a part-time position as a nurse informaticist.  My first informatics job! I was so ecstatic!  Even though it was part-time, I didn’t care.   I wanted my foot in the door as a nurse informaticist.

I was still working as a travel nurse and I organized my schedule so I worked as a travel nurse at night and as an informaticist during the “day”.  But, even though I had my dream job, my phone still kept ringing with employers wanting to interview me.  For those of you wondering, I had my resume in three job banks and joined a professional nursing organization previously called CARING, now ANIA-CARING.  Since my nurse informaticist job was only part-time, I needed a full-time position since my travel nurse contract was expiring. 

 So, I kept interviewing.  I was in the running for two different positions.  One was a trainer/analyst position at a medical college and the other position was for an  assistant nurse manager position in the post-acute care unit (PACU)  at an orthopedic hospital.

At the end, I was offered both positions but I couldn’t make up my mind which one to take.  I still had my part-time nurse informaticist position so I needed to take that into consideration.  Can you guess which job I took?  I wanted to utilize my nursing informatics degree so I accepted the trainer/clinical analyst position at the medical college.  I knew the position would be challenging for me but I was ready for the challenge.  And that is my story of how I got a job in informatics.

In an upcoming post. I will write about my lessons learned.

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