4 Fun Facts about Health Informatics You May Not Know


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I think its important to have fun at work.  Health informatics is a dry topic and may not be much  fun, well at least for some people.  I always try to have fun at work because the content is dry and your end users will likely not be happy with all of the changes.  It’s always nice to infuse laughter and fun into the work.

Here are some fun facts I encountered in the health informatics field:

1.)  Traveling may be brutal when you are consulting but the benefits of air travel makes me feel like a queen especially in the airport.  I was always first to board the plane because the airport staff and the flight attendants got to know me.  Also, flight and hotel rewards are an added bonus.  I furnished my entire apartment using my rewards.

2.) When I present the EMR to the providers and clinicians I make the demonstration fun by creating fun demo patients and instilling laughter into the presentation so the end users can laugh.  The EMR will impact clinicians workflow so by adding a comic relief  will help physicians, nurses and other clinicians ease into the transition.

3.)  You will work with fun and  wonderful people. They will help you when you need help in the future.  I have met a lot of people and still keep in contact with them.  Also, if I have an issue I need to resolve in another facility, I do not hesitate to contact the people I have known in the past.

4.)  Network, network, network.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  I have gotten future jobs because of people I met in health informatics classes or seminars.  I always like networking since I am a very social person. Networking is easy for me since I like talking to people.

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