354 Days

Countdown clock 354 days until our go-live.  There is still a lot more time. There hasn’t been much activity since I last wrote except the fact that I am super busy with programming and presenting what I built to the end users or clients.  I did have time to go to our holiday party last week and also to take a mini-vacation.

So now I am refreshed.  Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I have two presentations to give – one is a dress rehearsal and the other will be presenting my flowsheets to the nurses.

The dress rehearsal will be for the project team to critique our workflow and presentation skills.   The other presentation is for the nurses. I worked hard at getting my script and powerpoint presentation polished. I anticipate what questions they will be asking me. 

For the last two weeks, my team and I have been showing our end users what the “content” of the electronic medical record will be. Even though our first session was a disaster, my team and I made a comeback.  The next few sessions were organized and polished.

Our workflow sessions  with our users will start in January.  And that is when the project team’s work will pick up. As you meet with end users, changes to the “build” will be necessary.

Our project team has been busy and putting in 12 hour days.  Even though implementation is exciting, it is also hard work and will eventually pay off. So far, everyone on our team has been pleasant to work with. No one is cranky or upset that they have to work long hours.  Everyone has one goal in mind:  to build the best electronic medical record there is.   Implementing an electronic medical record is a team approach and no one or even one team should be doing all of the work.  It’s impossible to do everything yourself.

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